1st African Online Waste Management Solutions Conference


PACC Policy was invited to present a paper at the 1st African Online Waste Management Solutions Conference on the theme “Chronicling Waste Management Solutions in Africa, The Way Forward”. The conference was held from February 7th to 9th 2018.

The organizers, WasteWatch Africa is an organisation dedicated to discovering and promoting waste management solutions across Africa through the usage of social media as a tool for advocacy and information dissemination.

Ms Ewi Stephanie Lamma, a research fellow with the Pan African Centre For Climate Policy in Cameroon due to her expertise in the domain of Sustainable Natural Resource Management spoke on the theme of the conference: “Chronicling Waste Management Solutions in Africa; the Way Forward”.

She gave a brief history of the Municipal solid waste trend within African cities and discussed the sources of waste, attempts to manage waste and challenges faced as a result taking her hometown Limbe, in the South West Region of Cameroon as a case study. She concluded with a call to diverse stakeholders to take part in this aspect of waste management in Africa. She encouraged the discovery of treasure hidden in waste and called on the government and donors to assist youths in making the best out of the waste already present within the continent.

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