Paul Stevers

Paul Stevers

Executive Member – Advisory Team

Paul Stevers is a serial cleantech and social entrepreneur, a Canadian engineer and inventor. After graduating from the University of Waterloo engineering program in Ontario, Canada.

Paul launched his entrepreneurial career by co-founding an environmental business in 1984 called Impax Incorporated.

In 1992, he joined a US-based company called Bio-Oxidation Inc. to lead the development of a new medical waste processing technology, which became the next generation of a system he had created with Impax Incorporated.

In 2010, he founded Think Renewables, Inc. ( in the US to develop a series of computer-related products that are designed to operate in challenging environments such as Afghanistan and parts of Africa.

In 2018, he co-founded Climate Solutions Advancement Network (, which facilitates investment in climate solutions and supports initiatives to encourage action on climate change. In 2022, he founded Integrated ClimateTech (, which integrates complementary technologies to maximize climate impact in a profitable way.

In addition, it is working with a network of organizations to combine solar-powered irrigation with free educational resources to increase food security and education in Africa, especially for girls.

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